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A busy December

Mary Owen, Donna Reed's daughter

It's screening time for It's a Wonderful Life.

"In this 75th anniversary of IAWL, I’m especially looking forward to connecting and sharing with audiences on the big screen and to wrap up mom’s centennial celebration," said Donna Reed's daughter, Mary Owen. "We are still in the midst of a pandemic, so please everyone attending film screenings, stay careful!"

It's a busy time of the year for her as various outlets schedule screenings of Frank Capra's film. Demand is high for her to introduce the film and to put it into historical perspective.

Her schedule includes:

December 8-12: It's a Wonderful Life Museum in Seneca Falls, NY, for their 75th Anniversary Celebration of the release of the film. She joins cast members Karolyn Grimes (“Zuzu Bailey”), Carol Coombs (“Janie Bailey”), Jimmy Hawkins (“Tommy Bailey”), Michael Chapin (“Young George’s Friend”), Donald and Ronald Collins (“Little Pete Bailey”), and the original George Bailey Car used in the filming.

December 13-16: IFC (formerly known as the Independent Film Channel) in New York City for their annual screenings.

December 17: FilmScene, Iowa City, IA in 35 mm screening.

December 19: Gene Siskel Theater, Chicago, IL screening.

December 21: FilmScene, Iowa City, IA in 35 mm screening.


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