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A girl blighted

Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert of Green Acres

Eva Gabor (February 11, 1919 – July 4, 1995).

Eva Gabor was a Hungarian-American actress, businesswoman, singer, and socialite. She was widely known for her role on the 1965–71 television sitcom, Green Acres, as Lisa Douglas, the wife of Eddie Albert's character, Oliver Wendell Douglas. Gabor was successful as an actress in film, on Broadway, and on television. She was also a successful businesswoman, marketing wigs, clothing, and beauty products.

Gabor appears with Donna Reed in the film, The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954). Variety called the film "an engrossing romantic drama", and said of Donna's performance: "Miss Reed, though with less footage than most of her co-stars, makes her character of a girl blighted by an unrequited love entirely understandable, even sympathetic."


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