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Did Donna push boundaries?

Donna Reed studies her script.

Feminism Through Fashion Series

-by Kajal Kapoor, 2022 Donna Reed intern.

Donna Reed was many things including an amazing actress, mother, and empowering feminist. With her tv show, she was able to subtly poke holes in society's way of thinking, adjusting this to a new vision she had of equality and a banishment of the egotistic and centrally man-dominated world. Even in the smallest actions, she shows her strength such as wearing this casual pant and jacket outfit. Back in the 1950's women mostly wore dresses and high heels, feeding into this perfect housewife illusion. Donna Reed, in comparison, is a model of a great mother as well as a modern woman as she paved the way for women in our society to wear sweatpants and jeans without being questioned. Girls who grew up watching her show would see these clothes and model their icon, and even if she alone didn't spark this cultural revolution, she certainly helped its progression.


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