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Donna clicks photogenically

Donna Reed and Edward Arnold

October 16, 1942 - MGM releases Eyes in the Night (New York).

Blind detective Duncan Maclain (Edward Arnold) is visited by old friend Norma Lawry, looking for help in getting rid of one of her old beaus, who is courting her 17-year-old step-daughter, Barbara (Donna Reed). When the old beau is found murdered, Norma is the chief suspect until Duncan (aided by his guide-dog Friday) pays a visit to her home and uncovers a plot to steal her husband's military secrets for the enemy.

Variety's reviewer complimented Donna Reed's performance above and beyond anything else in the film: "Outstanding is Donna Reed as Miss Harding's wilful, precocious stepchild ... Miss Reed clicks photogenically and otherwise despite hackneyed material."


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