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Happy Birthday, Gigi Perreau

Gigi Perreau, child actress
Gigi Perreau, child actress

Gigi Perreau (born February 6, 1941).

Gigi Perreau is an American film and television actress. She achieved success as a child actress, starring in 25 films by the age of 10. The daughter of French refugees, Perreau began acting as an infant, starring in “Madame Curie” at only 18 months.

She got into the business quite by accident. Her older brother Gerald was trying out for the part of the title character's son in Madame Curie (1943). Because their mother could not find a babysitter, she took Gigi along. Being able to speak French, she got the (uncredited) part of Madame Curie's daughter Ève (while Gerald would have to wait a year to make his film debut in Passage to Marseille).

She appears with Donna Reed in the film Green Dolphin Street (1947) and on The Donna Reed Show in "Mary's Campaign" (Season 1, Episode 26).

Perreau is a past member of the Board of Directors of The Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts and was a frequent instructor at The Donna Reed Festival in Denison, Iowa.


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