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"Zuzu Bailey" to be honored

“Zuzu Bailey” Celebration Set for Seneca Falls Next Month.

Karolyn Grimes as “Zuzu Bailey” in 1946 and during one of her visits to Seneca Falls. Photo Courtesy It's a Wonderful Life Museum.

A celebration will be held to honor actress Karolyn Grimes at the It’s a Wonderful Life Museum on December 9, 2022, in Seneca Falls, NY. This will be the 20th Anniversary of Karolyn Grimes’ first visit to Seneca Falls during its annual It's a Wonderful Life Festival. Over 200 items in the museum's collection relating to the film have been donated by her.

Five actors from the film will be present: Karolyn Grimes (“Zuzu Bailey”), Jimmy Hawkins (“Tommy Bailey”), Michael Chapin (“Young George’s Friend”), and Donald and Ronald Collins (“Young Pete Bailey”). Also present will be Frank Capra’s granddaughter Monica Capra Hodges and Mary Owen, Donna Reed’s daughter.


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