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Donna in NY TIMES

Gifts of An Inspirational Pen

Donna Reed was a lifelong writer of letters both personally and professionally. Starting with family, friends, and childhood pen pals, she also wrote to countless others around the world such as fans, military personnel, artists, athletes, politicians, and people of all walks of life. As an American icon during World War II, Donna responded to service personnel everywhere with inspiration and hope. Only after her death did Donna's family discover a small collection of wartime letters from soldiers among her personal effects – modestly and respectfully saved without story or fanfare. The power and dignity of her care about human connection lives on.

Select Stories

  • Rohter, Larry. Dear Donna: A Pinup So Swell She Kept G.I. Mail. The New York Times. May 24, 2009.

  • "Dear Donna Reed": Wartime letters to the Hollywood star. CBS News Sunday Morning. December 24, 2017.

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