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Tribute courtesy of our friends at the Des Moines Register

The Iowa Women's Hall of Fame honors Iowans for their enduring impacts on society as elevating female role models for all ages and walks of life. 

Hall of 

Iowa Women's 


Honors Donna Reed

Donna Reed has joined an honor roll of 188 women whose lives shaped and inspired a rich cultural heritage for Iowa and the nation at large.

The four inductees for 2021 were:

  • Dr. Roxann Marie Ryan, Ph.D. (Cresco, Iowa) 
    Assistant Iowa Attorney General, Educator and Scholar

  • Cornelia Clarke (Grinnell, Iowa) 
    Nature Photographer, Academic Contributor, Book Illustrator

  • Donna Reed (Denison, Iowa) 
    Award-winning Actress, Pioneering Television Executive, Peace Advocate

  • Jan Mitchell (Des Moines, Iowa) 
    Educator, Champion for Women's Rights and Iowa Latina Education, 1997 Iowa Teacher of the Year.

Past honorees include civil rights leaders, lawmakers, educators, artists, writers, musicians, scientists, journalists, doctors, nurses, volunteers, and an astronaut.


Donna Reed's centennial story included her strong family ties to Iowa, her modern outlook on equity and humanity for women, and her continuing spirit and ideals supported by Denison and the Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts.

Congratulations to all Iowa Women's
Hall of Fame honorees!

Clarke photo courtesy Grinnell Historical Museum via (CC 2.5). Mitchell photo from

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