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Celebrate the life (1921-1986) and enduring legacy of the Oscar-winning actress Donna Reed, who was born 100 years ago in Denison, Iowa. Narrated by Donna's youngest daughter, Mary Anne Owen. The virtual tribute includes a look at Donna's life and the exciting events planned by the Donna Reed Foundation for the Centennial Celebration.

Governor Kim Reynolds announces DONNA REED DAY to celebrate the life and enduring legacy of the Oscar-winning actress Donna Reed who was born in Denison, Iowa.  

A special message from  Alicia Malone and Turner Classic Movies saluting the Hollywood legend.


This virtual tribute was broadcast live from the social media pages of the State Historical Society of Iowa and Produce Iowa, the state office of film and media production

Do you remember when you first fell in love with

Donna Reed?

The Donna Reed Foundation planned a
great year with remote opportunities for fans, volunteers, and interns worldwide to join our community.


Year Ahead

It Was A Wonderful Year

History 101

100 Years of Donna Reed
The State Historical Society of Iowa presents a webinar featuring rarely seen family photos shared by Donna's daughter, Mary Owen, and Donna Reed Foundation member Kurt Lee, with State Curator Leo Landis. 


TCM Tribute 

From Turner Classic Movies

Mary Anne Owen, the daughter of Oscar and Golden Globe Award-winning actress Donna Reed, looks back at the career of her talented mother, a celebrated MGM and Columbia star and  lead of the memorable The Donna Reed Show. 

Good Morning, Iowa!

100th Birthday Celebration”  Jackie Schmillen visits with Mary Anne Owen about her mother Donna Reed and takes a behind the scenes peek at the Archives vault at the Donna Reed Heritage Museum in Dennison for a special segment on “Good Morning Iowa”, WOI-TV, January 27, 2021

Virtual Road Trip

Join History lover Sal St. George as he travels to the Donna Reed Center & Heritage Museum in Dennison, Iowa. Special thanks to Mary Owen, Donna Reed’s daughter, and Robert Lyons board member for the Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts; and cameraman Aaron Larson.

Mother's Day 

Donna Reed is remembered as TV's stay-at-home Super Mom, but in real life she was raising a family while co-producing and starring in her own hit television series.  We are looking for volunteers now to help launch our May event to honor today's Super Moms.

Contact us today.


State Historical Society of Iowa

The Donna Reed Heritage Museum / Archive has collaborated with the State Historical Museum of Iowa on a new exhibit celebrating the life of Donna Reed. Five of her dresses and one romper are on display, along with reproductions of photos from the family collection.

Read more about the exhibit. 

Photo 01 - Full Floor Display.jpg

TV Watch Party

We are huge fans of the hit TV series The Donna Reed Show. The series was a landmark program in the early days of television, not only as the first program to feature a mom as the lead in a family comedy show, but also for a myriad of reasons behind the scenes.  We love looking at the program for entertainment and educational purposes.  That's why we are forming TV Watch Parties for TV lovers like us!  

Want to share the fun? 
Contact us now!


Tribute to Veterans

Donna treasured letters from servicemen in World War II. 

Find out more here.

This year for Veteran's Day,
we are sharing this history and our lasting love for our American heroes. You can help.

Ask us for details!

Hollywood in the Heartland

Don't miss the beautiful exhibit at the State Historical Museum of Iowa that features Iowa-born movie star Donna Reed. More information here!


Special Features

Jimmy Hawkins

Jimmy played Donna Reed's son in the Frank Capra masterpiece It's a Wonderful Life, and later made multiple appearances on her TV show.

Patti Petersen

Patti starred with Donna Reed on the hit TV series The Donna Reed Show with her real-life brother Paul Petersen.

Stu Phillips

Composer Stu Phillips produced hit songs for The Donna Reed Show as well as memorable scores for Battle Star Galactica, Knight Rider, and more  

Joanne Morreale

A media critic and historian, Joanne is an expert on the studies of early television and is the author of the book The Donna Reed Show.

Brenda Scott Royce

An award-winning writer, Brenda wrote the definitive book Donna Reed: A Bio-Bibliography that closely details the episodes of The Donna Reed Show,

Fred Grandy

Loved for everything from his iconic role on Love Boat to recent roles on The Mindy Project, Fred represented Donna's home state of Iowa.



University Students and High School Students Worldwide

HAPPY (6).png
Fostering Talent Worldwide

LOVE OLD MOVIES and CLASSIC TV?  The Donna Reed Foundation has REMOTE internship projects that need the involvement of creatives with passion for communication, television, and film. Work with us to tell the behind-the-scenes stories of Donna's Oscar-winning film career and her hit TV series. 


Learn the skills and real world experience that you need for your future creative career.  We can help you​build a portfolio of work that will find its place on our worldwide stage while you are still in school.  

Not a student, but want to participate? 
Storytellers, graphic designers, history lovers, TV/Film fans are welcome to join us. We need your help.

Mia Purse

Mia has accepted a leadership role on multiple projects that include producing TV Watch parties for fans.

JeNaya Robbs

JeNaya researched Hollywood fashion and contributed to the editorial calendar for future interns.

Sunny Virk

Sunny spearheaded a promotional campaign to raise awareness for the Donna Reed Foundation across audiences.



Jackie Schmillen,
past Donna Reed Foundation Scholar

We recognize talent and we're so proud to help support the early endeavors of our scholarship awardees. 


In-Person or Remote

We offer in-person volunteer opportunities year-round in Denison Iowa.  We offer remote opportunities for volunteers, especially creative professionals.  Contact us.


We offer sponsorship opportunities for our many events across the year. 
The Donna Reed Foundation is a trusted 501 (c) 3 nonprofit located in Denison Iowa.

Contact us.


Your donations help support the work of the Donna Reed Foundation and the preservation of our historic landmark building.  Ask us for details.

Become a Member.



We provide opportunities for students and adults who want to learn more about Donna Reed, early television, classic films, and more.  Ask us about ways you be involved in celebrating the wonderful life of Donna Reed.

Contact us.

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