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UNPAID OPPORTUNITIES for Interns and for Volunteers. 


We have REMOTE projects that need creatives.
This could be the perfect place to learn the skills and real world experience that you need for your future creative career.  You will be working with a professional coach on your project. 
Build the portfolio of work that will find its place on our worldwide stage while you are still in school!  


Robin Blakely |  660-973-2723

Director of Internship Program for the Donna Reed Foundation

For more details: Melanie Geiss | Intern Supervisor

or email us below.

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Love movie and television topics?  We have topics that need research, fact-checking, and clear but simple summaries.


We have hundreds of stories that need to be told with substance and style to motivate people of all ages to follow their dreams.


Our blogs, newsletters, scripts, and promotional content require strong writers.


Discover the nuances of creating content for a quality brand.  Every item is planned and requires approval for use on our social platforms.


We love history.  If you love helping people understand the  context of the era leading up to World War II through the 1980s, we want to hear from you.


Whether it is fresh, live interviews or compilations of existing content, we need help creating special videos.


We are looking for that eye for beautiful designs and the imagination and skill to create images to illustrate our blogs, newsletters, and more.



We are driven to connect with others who are passionate about creativity and talent.  You can help us find them.

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