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Remembering Donna Reed: Live event will take place on Facebook on Wednesday

by Dan Mundt

“Donna Reed is a statewide icon,” said Michael Morain, Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs (IDCA) communications manager. “She’s from Denison, but I think all of Iowa claims her as one of our own.”

Wednesday of next week, January 27, will be the 100th anniversary of Reed’s birth.

To celebrate the occasion, the State Historical Society of Iowa and Produce Iowa, the state office of film and media production, will present “Remembering Donna Reed.”

“We are encouraging people to tune in at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, January 27,” Morain said. “It will be a virtual event on Facebook that will include some memories, stories and brief shout-outs to Donna Reed from friends and family and people who worked with her in some capacity.”

Alicia Malone, a host on Turner Classic Movies (TCM), will also deliver remarks about Reed.

“We’re encouraging people to tune in on that day on Facebook at the account for ‘Iowa Culture,’” Morain said.

Several other Facebook pages will host the event, but Iowa Culture is the originating location, he said.

The program, which will last about 20 minutes, will also be available for replay afterwards.

Morain noted that a special announcement concerning Reed will take place during the live event next Wednesday morning.


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