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Happy birthday, Jackie

Jackie Schmillen & Michael Morain, Celebrate Iowa Gala

Jackie Schmillen (born January 25, 1980) - 1998 Donna Reed Iowa Scholarship Recipient in Acting.

Jackie Schmillen is a host on the morning show CW Iowa LIVE on Des Moines local channel 23. She is a native of Cherokee, Ia, and received a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Miami.

She recently co-hosted a segment of Celebrate Iowa Gala, along with Michael Morain from the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. The Gala was a virtual statewide celebration of Iowa arts, history, film, and culture. Highlights of the evening included interviewing Donna Reed’s daughter, Mary OwenTony, Emmy, along with Grammy Award nominee Brandon Victor Dixon who was a 1999 Donna Reed scholarship finalist in musical theatre.


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