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She helped launch careers

Barbara Remsen, actress and casting director

Barbara Remsen (January 1, 1930 - March 8, 2018).

Barbara Dodd Remsen was an American actress and casting director. She was an active character actress in television well into the late 1970s, appearing in episodes of Leave It to Beaver, The Dick Van Dyke Show, The Fugitive, The F.B.I., Then Came Bronson, Bewitched, Medical Center, Adam-12, Mod Squad, and S.W.A.T.

Remsen worked steadily as a casting director with her husband Bert for over twenty-five years, most notably on the daytime drama series One Life to Live, the ABC Afterschool Specials series, and The Brady Bunch spinoffs. She helped launch the careers of Tom Selleck, Kevin Costner, Tea Leoni, Billy Bob Thornton.

Barbara and Bert were frequent instructors at Donna Reed Festival workshops in Denison, Iowa where they shared their acting and casting knowledge with students wanting to break into show business.


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