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Summer stock to M-G-M contract

Donna Reed and Richard Hart in Green Dolphin Street
Donna Reed and Richard Hart in Green Dolphin Street

Richard Hart (April 14, 1915 – January 2, 1951).

Richard Comstock Hart was an American actor, who appeared in film and TV productions but was most active on stage. His big break came when, as a resident juvenile in a summer theater at the Brattle Playhouse in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he played John (the witch boy), the lead role in a new play trying out there, Dark of the Moon. The Shuberts took it to Broadway (1945), keeping little of the original company except for Carol Stone (who played Barbara Allen) and Hart, who went on to win a Theatre World Award for his debut. A Broadway run of 318 performances then led to a national tour and a contract for Hart with Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

While at M-G-M he appeared in Green Dolphin Street (1947), where he was loved by two sisters, played by Lana Turner and Donna Reed.


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