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Zuzu reflects

Karolyn Grimes and Jimmy Stewart
Karolyn Grimes and Jimmy Stewart

I played Zuzu in It’s A Wonderful Life – then I was jerked out of Hollywood at 15.

Former child star Karolyn Grimes reflects on her brief movie career and how her appearance in It's a Wonderful Life has affected her life today.

“I didn’t see the movie till I was 40,” she says. “I had seven kids, and I lived in the car and the laundry room, and the kitchen. And quite frankly it wasn’t a big deal to sit down and watch myself on TV. I had gone past that years and years before. When I left Hollywood, I left all that out there too. I decided I wanted to live in the real world, and that wasn’t a part of it.”

Then someone asked her for an interview. Since 1993, she has been “on the road” as an evangelist for the movie and its message. She also became involved with It's a Wonderful Live Museum in Seneca Falls, NY. Now, more than 200 items from her movie collection are now on display at the museum. And she has returned for the town's annual celebration for the last two decades. Read the iNews article.


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