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Donna and Cornel couldn't save the film

Donna Reed and Cornel Wilde

Cornel Wilde (October 13, 1912 – October 16, 1989).

Cornel Wilde (born Kornél Lajos Weisz) was a Hungarian-American actor and film director. His acting career began in 1935 with his debut on Broadway. By the 1940s, he had signed a contract with 20th Century Fox, and by the mid-1940s, he was a major leading man. In the 1950s, he moved to writing, producing, and directing films, and still continued his career as an actor.

Wilde and Donna Reed co-star in Beyond Mombasa (1956) which was shot in Kenya, Africa. It was not a pleasant experience with constant conflict with the director. It was also the first junket for Todon Productions, the production company formed by Donna Reed and her husband, Tony Owen. The movie was a failure.


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