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Donna on the radio

Screen Guild Theater is on the air.

November 5, 1945 - Screen Guild Theater airs "Hail, the Conquering Hero" with Donna Reed.

Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) is a satirical comedy/drama written and directed by Preston Sturges, starring Eddie Bracken, Ella Raines, and William Demarest,

It was adapted as a radio play, airing on The Screen Guild Theatre on November 5, 1945. Donna Reed appeared with Eddie Bracken, who reprised his movie role.

The Screen Guild Theater radio anthology series was broadcast from 1939 until 1952 during the Golden Age of Radio. Leading Hollywood stars performed adaptations of popular motion pictures. Fees that would ordinarily have been paid to the stars and studios were instead donated to the Motion Picture Relief Fund and were used for the construction and maintenance of the Motion Picture Country House.


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