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A sitcom controversy

The ‘60s Family Sitcom That Caused a Stir With Viewers.

In the 1960s, the United States was in a period of tumultuous change. Cold War politics introduced a new battleground, one played out between superpowers. The push for civil rights was growing in the Black American community. Assassinations of high-profile figures, like President John F. Kennedy and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. shook the populace to the core. Women sought equal rights and a new lease on life outside the home. But on TV, ABC's The Donna Reed Show, named after its headliner Donna Reed, embraced a simpler time, bringing the tales of a happy housewife with a happy family doing happy things to living rooms across the nation. On the surface, the sitcom and its star were a step backward for women. Yet a deeper look reveals the truth — one that makes it clear how The Donna Reed Show was, and is, much more feminist than the haters would care to admit.

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